Structural Analysis of Buildings at Explosive Actions in SCAD

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

This article deals with the methods of structural analysis of buildings and structures at explosive actions. In introduction, there is a review of types of explosions and the features of their action on structures. In the theoretical part of the study the main issue was to present different methods of structural analysis of buildings at explosions. Determination of wave parameters and process of wave diffraction are presented. Impulse loading of building structures in SCAD is described. The article also shows how module «Direct integration of motion equations» in SCAD can be used for solving problems of explosion dynamics. In the empirical part of the study the main concern was to compare stress-strain condition of building structures at explosions, using different methods of structural analysis. Automatic analysis was performed in SCAD, which implements finite element method (FEM). The results of the study demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of described methods, as well as the functional abilities of SCAD, when solving the problems of explosion dynamics.