Field measurement of waves for defining loads on marine hydraulic structures

Hydraulic engineering

In accordance with the current Russian normative documents, determining wave loads and impacts on hydraulic structures should be calibrated by field measurements and laboratory studies. However, it is problematic to satisfy this norm, because there are no measured wave parameters for the main coastal areas. Moreover, the equivalent virtually designed waves cannot be compared directly with the measured real ones. The situation may be improved by the method of reanalyzing meteorological conditions for the region within 30–50 years and then modeling dangerous storms. The method of reanalysis has been applied for the coastal zone in Imeretinskaya Lowland in Sochi to develop the coastal protection structures. The calculated waves have been compared to the existing buoy measurement (Gelendzhik) and coastal wave station’s measurement (Sochi). It is advisable to take field measurement of waves with near-bottom pressure gauges. They are acceptable for complicated conditions. Surface waves are calculated by wave theory.