Average density and porosity of high-strength lightweight concrete

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The analysis results of high-strength lightweight concrete (HSLWC) structure are presented in this paper. The X-ray tomography, optical microscopy and other methods are used for researching of average density and porosity. It has been revealed that mixtures of HSLWC with density 1300…1500 kg/m3 have a homogeneous structure. The developed concrete has a uniform distribution of the hollow filler and a uniform layer of cement-mineral matrix. The highly saturated gas phase which is divided by denser large particles of quartz sand and products of cement hydration in the contact area allow forming a composite material with low average density, big porosity (up to 40%) and high strength (compressive strength is more than 40 MPa). Special modifiers increase adhesion, compacts structure in the contact area, decrease water absorption of high-strength lightweight concrete (up to 1 %) and ensure its high water resistance (water resistance coefficient is more than 0.95).