Improving the thermal performance of the building envelopes with the use of foam glass-ceramics

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

Recommendations on eliminating the defects of thermal insulation on the basis of the previously carried out thermal imaging surveys were given. Constructive solutions of building envelopes were proposed with regard to modeling thermal fields in ELCUT. A typical solution of thermal insulation of the basement joint is the unit exterior insulation of the basement wall to the level of the facing course bottom. This constructive solution is characterized by a significant thermal bridge, in the direction through the cross-section of the floor slab under the insulation of the wall. The article presents the results of eliminating the thermal bridge by substituting of ceramic or silica bricks for thermal insulation bricks of foamglass. We discussed the roof and parapet joint. The paper also presents the results of heat loss calculation when replacing of the top line of backfills above the level of the coating by the brick thermal insulation made of foamglass.