Dynamic programming in optimization of comprehensive housing stock modernization

Architecture and Urban planning

Research in the area of dynamic programming in optimization of comprehensive housing stock modernization has shown that there are a number of important issues that require effective and rapid solutions. The purpose of research is the organization of repair and construction works by modeling the organizational and technological solutions to the use of energy-saving technologies for the comprehensive modernization of the housing stock. The proposed method of an integrated approach to the modernization of the housing stock and, accordingly, the implementation of energy saving measures will reduce the cost of homeowners to pay for housing and communal services by improving the thermal performance of buildings. Formulated and discussed the theoretical aspects of dynamic programming for solving problems of optimal allocation of allocated funds having minimal losses, which allows calculating the conditions for the implementation of energy-modernization. The mathematical model of optimization of process of energy-modernization. Is executed economic assessment of energy saving decisions in the course of complex energy-modernization, are given results of calculations of distribution of the allocated funds and payback periods on of holding actions for increase in indicators of energy saving.