Normal stresses of frost heaving as function of excess moisture

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

Tangential and normal stresses are arises foundation area from the frost heave process. Currently known is the analysis of the tangential stresses based on adfreezing of the frozen soil to the lateral surface of foundation. However, the differences in values of normal stresses may be due to the fact that no single approach to normal stress evaluation has been developed yet. The purpose of our research is to work out the analysis method of the frost heave normal stresses. The stresses appear perpendicular to the surfaces of structures not allowing increase in the soil volume when cooled and frozen. Based on the author's research and other investigators' experience, analytical dependences for normal stresses of soil frost heaving were obtained. The stresses were calculated as a function of excess moisture, which volume exceeds the soil interstitial volume under freezing. The results obtained took into account such factors causing heaving process as ice formation during water freezing, accumulation of ice resulting from sucking up water and influence of unfrozen water. The proposed formulas allow for calculation of stresses in any kind soil.