The improving of the concrete quality in a monolithic clip

Building Materials

The article deals with the possibility of increasing strength, hardness, frost resistance, water and corrosion resistance of concrete. The reduction of its abrasion resistance and water absorption by creating a layer of nonorganic monolithic high-strength clip on its surface is also considered. The possibility of synthesis of such clip by impregnating the concrete surface with a Sol of SiO2 is shown and thermodynamically substantiated. The mathematical dependence reflecting the strength of concrete in such a clip is developed. The distribution of efforts between the clip and not strengthened kernel in the case of load action is shown. The methods of X-ray, differential thermal analysis, electron microscopy and analysis of pore size were used for researching the phase composition and structure of the clip, as well as its porous structure. It was established experimentally the improvement of the various performance properties of concrete due to the presence of inorganic monolithic clip up to 200 %. Corrosion resistance of concrete in various aggressive environments is demonstrated and the concrete corrosion depth under the age of 50 years is calculated.