Construction of autonomous buildings with wind power plants

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting

The use of renewable energy converters, including local wind power plants to provide private households and houses with electricity, is gaining popularity, especially in countries where there are appropriate state subsidies. In this paper considered approach to the use of the building roof in the conversion of the kinetic energy of the incoming wind into electrical energy by a closed wind power plant (WPP). The construction of the WPP and the roof are converted into a finite element model for aerodynamic calculations. The model of WPPs and roofs is investigated by changing the angle of attack of the roof, with different roofing applications, and also some other elements of the WPP design in order to find the most optimal conditions for increasing the energy efficiency factor (EEF) of the energy carrier. The described approach with the use of a roof in the conversion of wind energy into electrical energy can be used in the structural design and construction of autonomous houses and buildings.