Influence of the compensating device parameters on the underwater pipeline stability

Hydraulic engineering

The definition of rational parameters of the developed compensating device of a triangular shape by calculation and experimental investigation methods is considered in the article. The proposed compensating device with the bent taps use has a more rigid design than the compensating device in the form of a broken bolt. Consequently, the correction coefficient of the compensator form, structurally executed with the use of bent taps is received by calculation and experimental methods for decreasing the longitudinal compressive force arising from the temperature drop to the ensuring level of the overall pipeline stability in the longitudinal direction, which allows to determine its rational parameters and is taken to be k = 0.85. The condition is obtained for determining the rational parameters of the proposed compensating device for underwater pipeline transitions in order to increase the overall stability in the longitudinal direction. In addition, the patented technology of laying the proposed compensating device is shown.