Heating and charring of timber constructions with thin-layer fire protection

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The results of fire tests of constructions (beams) with fire retardant film coating in oneside fire effect under standard temperature fire regime are shown in this article. Intensity dynamics of samples heating and their charring process in thickness and along the perimeter were chosen as the key indicators. It is shown that the use of thin-layer non-swelling fire retardant coatings does not influence the intensity dynamics, in case of high-temperature exposure generates from the side of the bottom edge, however, but is able to localize the burning action effectively, thereby producing a positive impact on the level of fire hazard and fire resistance of building constructions. The directions of possible development of methodological approach to the calculation and analytical assessment of fire retardant indicators and classes of fire hazard of timber constructions with non-construction fire protection have been determined.