Survivability of structural systems of buildings with special effects

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The technique of calculation analysis of survivability of reinforced concrete statically indeterminate beams and rod structural systems of buildings and structures under emergency influences is given. The statement of the problem of the computational analysis of the survivability of such constructive systems and the algorithm for determining the survivability parameter under special influences in the form of a sudden shutdown of one of the constructions is expounded. The criteria of the bearing capacity for a particular limiting state for the considered constructive systems arising under such influences are proposed, the excess of which can cause a progressive destruction of the constructive system. An example of a computational analysis of the survivability of a statically indeterminate reinforced concrete continuous beam in comparison of the theoretical results obtained with the results of its experimental studies is considered. However, the problem can be used for determining the parameter of the survivability of buildings and structures for the examined impacts.