Efficiency of activation of mineral binders in vortex-layer devices

Building Materials

Improving the efficiency of construction composites is a relevant problem for modern-day material science. One of the ways to solve the problem consists in activating the binders by means of vortex-layer devices. Mathematical transformations produced a formula for calculating the dependency of the number of ferromagnetic-particle collision on the number and velocity of such particles, as well as on the device chamber fill factor. The results obtained by applying the proposed formula differ from D.D. Logvinenko's model by 10 % at max. We calculated the impact force, the impulse of the grinding body in the vortex-layer device, as well as the amount of applied energy per unit of mass of the ground material. It was found out that the impact force and the impulse of force were maximized in the test device. At the same time, energy applied over the grinding time necessary to even out the binder dispersion in the vortexlayer device was 2 to 4.8 times greater compared to conventional devices.