CO2 curing of hydrated lime modified pervious concretes

Building Materials

This paper presents the effect of carbonation curing on the properties of hydrated lime modified pervious concretes. Also, CO2 absorption capacity (COAC) of the mixtures was investigated to more explanation of the results. Three mix designs containing of 0, 15 and 30 % of hydrated lime were considered. Water to cement ratio, cementitious material content, inner pressure of the chamber and workability of the mixtures were kept constant. Concrete samples were cured in the CO2 chamber and then the conducted experiments were performed and the results compared with the results of moist cured concretes. The results showed a significant increase in the mechanical properties of the concretes at the initial time of CO2 curing. Carbonation reactions were approximately stopped after 12 hours of CO2 curing in which the concrete properties after 12 hours of CO2 curing were closed together. Also, COAC of the mixtures increased by increasing hydrated lime substitution.