Mechanical properties of sustainable wooden structures reinforced with Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Building Materials

The long-lasting materials are sustainable goal for future, which were improved with various material combination, such as wood and basalt fibers. When materials with various nature were combined, properties might be altered and those must be evaluated. This study investigates the effect of basalt fibers on the wooden structure. Test materials were three various wood frames; pure, reinforced, and basalt fiber reinforced frames. The materials were analyzed by mechanical tests and elements were modelled with software package. In mechanical test, the strength value of pure and reinforced wooden structures ranging from 5.2 to 11.2 kN with a 19–25 mm deformation. The strength and deformation of basalt reinforced frames varied between 12.0-18.6 kN and 4–6 mm, correspondingly. Finite element modeling supported to the achieved results in the mechanical tests. It is concluded that basalt fiber reinforced wooden structures are more sustainable material from the viewpoint of material features.