Flood events dynamics estimation methodology in a GIS environment

Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

Hard floods of rare frequency can cause significant damage to the ecosystem of the river basin, as well as to settlements and infrastructure. Therefore, the urgent task is to develop sustainable measures of minimization of the dangerous effects of these phenomena. One of the feasible technical measure is the construction of a self-regulating flood control dams with temporarily filled reservoirs system in the river basin. This article proposes an improved technique for flood events modeling, taking into account the proposed measures. The proposed method is based on the modeling in a GIS environment coupled with hydrologic simulation software. GIS modeling is preceded by the development of the digital elevation model. According to the results of the research, the requirements for the input data were formulated. An algorithm for creating models was given, as well as examples of already created models. The viability of this technique is shown, together with the limitations identified during the simulation.