Additional measures protecting buildings from climatic influences

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The Russian territory is characterised by a great variety of different climatic zones with complex weather conditions. There are a large number of people living in these areas. New towns and cities are being built. Ensuring comfortable conditions for people to live and stay in the buildings of various purposes is of great importance for the implementation of social programmes adopted by the Russian government for the near future. Construction practice has developed a certain approach to the materials and structures that protect buildings from the effects of various climatic factors such as extremely high or low temperatures. However, the dramatic climate change that has been taking place on our planet in recent decades has led to additional research and the search for new structural and architectural solutions. This article presents the results of pre-design and construction solutions for public buildings in hot and harsh climates. Different materials for building envelopes are considered and thermal calculations are carried out. The ETFE membrane system is shown to be a versatile material that can be recommended for different climate zones. Particular attention is paid to additional structural measures such as the introduction of special canopies or enclosed spaces in the form of domed structures, which add a certain architectural expression to both the individual building and the group of buildings as a whole.