Sorption materials for indoor environment cleaning from microorganisms

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting

The article touches upon the problem of working area air pollution by pathogenic microorganisms. The problem’s solution requires increased efficiency of filtration materials. Using thermally expanded graphite and Cribrol® polymer composite material, we analyzed air purification quality of multifunctional rooms in comparison with traditional activated carbon. The filtration materials properties were studied using a set of analytical methods. The air was pumped through tested materials in a volume of 500–2000 liters with the use of PU-1B sampling device depositing microorganisms on the nutrient medium. We showed that activated graphite and Cribrol® are effective in cleaning the air from bacteria (cell sizes do not exceed 1 micron), as well as larger microorganisms (from 3 microns or more). Activated graphite completely trapped microorganisms in all test variants. The filtration capacity of the new materials turned out to be higher than that of traditional activated carbon, which indicates the prospects for their further research and practical application.