Heavy-weight concrete with increased early strength

Building Materials

Production process rate is the most important thing in industrial engineering of concrete and reinforced concrete products, which heavily depends on duration of concrete handling strength development. One of the methods of processes’ intensification of concrete structure formation is steam treatment. However, destructive processes developing in concrete in some instances during its long steam treatment at the temperatures above 40°C necessitate reducing its duration. This is achieved through the use of methods of further intensification of concrete structure formation processes, one of which is hydromechanical activation of binder. Research results of joint effect of hydromechanical activation of cement binder and following steam treatment on kinetics of heavy-weight concrete strength development are presented in the paper; special aspects of hydration and structure formation of cement stone are studied. We found an increase in strength development rate of heavy-weight concrete during isothermal warming temperature increment. Technological parameters of steam treatment of concrete based on cement binder under hydromechanical activation are determined for preparing В30–В60 grade concretes using components for В25 heavy-weight concrete. Received results are of substantial interest to construction industry and can be used in prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete technology, which gives the opportunity to reduce energy intensity of production and end product cost.