Mathematical and stereographic analysis of intensity of solar radiation and openings shading for the building SLE calculation

Technology and organization of construction

Modern administrative and public buildings have increased and sometimes excessive glazing area. Stained glass often takes the height from floor to ceiling, and in the corner room window area can construct 30 - 40% of the total area of the external and internal enclosures. Without discussing the visual appeal of these fronts, let us pay attention to the thermal protection from heat loss in winter and heat income in the summer.

It is known that the heat transfer coefficient of the window is 4-5 times greater than the wall, and heat radiation has intensity up to 700-800 W/m2. For such rooms and buildings should be specified the design temperature for heating in winter.

Traditionally in Russia, "5-day" temperature can lead to deviations of the room temperature, which will exceed permissible levels. The periodicity of radiation exposure needs to apply a harmonic analysis in its description. More generally, taking into account the shading from this or neighboring buildings we need harmonic analysis in more general view. Finally, the time of beginning and the end of irradiation can only be determined on the basis of stereographic trajectories of the Sun.

All this taken together will allow finding a more accurate way of calculation of radiative heat influxes into the room and determining the time of its insolation.