Ventilated facades: review of main problems

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The design of ventilated facades becomes more and more popular.Ventilated facades are installed on erected and reconstructed public, office and residential buildings.

In this article the basic problems relating to the ventilated facade system are considered. The design, installation process, thermotechnical properties, fire safety, economic efficiency are considered.

The purpose of the article is the prevention in practice the most often errors which arise in time of installation, operation and dismantle of such systems.

After the analysis following basic problems of systems with ventilated facades have been allocated:

  • calculation of necessary air gap;
  • selection of qualitative materials and installation;
  • fire safety;
  • maintenance of required hermal resistance.

Application of  ventilated facades systems for warming of buildings and increasing of their power efficiency demands the thought over and complex approach. Such systems are not so economic, energy effective and durable as it is considered to be.