Numerical modelling of excavator capacity

Technology and organization of construction

Caused by the general development of technical progress the necessity of forecasting of technological processes demands estimation of communications between parameters of these processes. However the process can proceed in various modes, and search of area of the defining parameters answering to an optimum mode of course of technological process is represented rather important. These problems were to some extent covered in all list of references. Optimization of technological processes carries essential economic benefit at least because it doesn't demand any additional capital investments for realization. 

So, for example, only at the expense of change of bottom width developed by excavator on some meters, it is possible to increase productivity of digging cars essentially. Considering enormous volumes of digging works (according to academician A. L. Janshin these volumes in the world make nearby 60 km3/year (volumes of volcanic activity – 16)), cumulative effect of optimization will be considerable. And it is easily reached, not including expenses for statement of a problem and the corresponding calculations. The calculation example for excavator "front shovel" is given in the article.