Mathematical modelling of hydraulic conditions of balancing and control of heating, cooling and dehumidification subsystem in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

The article is the second part of the one published in the Vol. 1, 2011. The aim of this research is processes modelling and investigation of quantity parameters influence on heating and cooling subsystem of VAC systems when balancing that subsystem by various balanced valves and when controlling it by three-way valve. 

The basic characteristic received and analyzed in model, is balancing-adjusting characteristic (schedule) of mixture in knot depending on a combination of many factors: binding, crosspieces, an arrangement of corresponding valves, pressures and other parameters. 

For reception of the balancing-adjusting characteristic of subsystem in different operating modes its mathematical model was created, methods of processing and generalization of the data were offered. After that calculations in different modes of use of the crosspieces were done, allowed to define all regime parameters at the set positions of balancing and regulating valves, parity of pressures in a network and a pump, design of armature and entry conditions.