Technology of active dash usage while building and exploring marine pipelines

Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

In construction and operation of underwater pipelines and petrochisel stations in sea and river water areas there are the failures connected with anthropogenous pollution, in the form of floods of fat-and-oil non-asphalt fractions of natural oily liquids. 

One of effective and ecological safe methods of liquidation of thin films of polluting substance is use of strains of biodestructive microorganisms. The community of these microorganisms forms an active impurity. The research is dedicated to solving turbulent diffusion equations of active dash’s particles movement. 

The research data helps to predict boidestruction time period changing in dependence on economic usage of active dash, water depth and other factors of turbulence. 

Speed of sedimentation of an active impurity depends on density, the form and the sizes of particles, quantity of the oil absorbed by them, and also from temperature and salinity of water. All these factors we will estimate integrally using concept of hydraulic fineness – speeds of uniform sedimentation of a separate particle under the influence of gravity in great volume of based water. This size is established experimentally.