Organizational and technological factors influence on the efficiency of building management

Technology and organization of construction

Influence of organizational and technological factors on management efficiency can be considered on the elements of system of the organization and technology of building. Organizational and technological factors substantially cause level of organizational-technological reliability of building manufacture, and their level, in turn, depends on work quality of a control system. 

Regulation and management of building on the basis of organizational-technological decisions includes change of technological schemes of execution phase and erection of constructions, redistribution of labor and technical resources, change of sequence of development of particular work fronts, change of methods of work organization. It leads to changes of values of organizational-technological parameters and, hence, change of the sizes of financial expenses. Development of the operating decision should provide minimization of deviation from the size of planned financial expenses and with it to provide the efficiency of operating system. The primary goal of the operating decision is preservation of the basic planned targets at the minimum increase in financial expenses. 

In the article the calculation of functioning efficiency of the management system against a background of organizational and technological parameters of construction is given. This calculation makes it possible to select the most rational parameters of organization and technology of construction.