Research of characteristics of nanomodified dry building mixes

Building Materials

The constraint of successful development of building business is deficiency of domestic building materials, in particular, dry building mixes, competitive in comparison with foreign analogs. Use industrial dry building mixes has changed shape of civil works all over the world thanks to intensive studying of influence of nanomodification on concrete properties. 

In Western Europe manufacture and application of dry mixes in building has mass character. On one inhabitant the manufacture of dry mixes in Germany is about 30 kg a year, and in Finland and Sweden about 20 kg; in Poland this figure makes about 23 kg. In Russia volume of consumption of dry mixes is much more low – a little more than 2 kg a year. Modern manufacture of dry mixes in Russia is in a formation stage, but certain successes are already reached. 

Perspective direction of the solution of an actual problem of competitive building materials release is use of nanomodification process of dry building mixes on a cement-sandy basis. In the given work the building materials received in the course of two-phasic nanomodification were investigated: at the first stage the basic components were exposed mechanical activation (crushing). At the second stage in a mix the carbon nanostructures were added (fullerenes, nanotubes, amorphous carbon).