Application of numerical modeling at technology designing of heating and solidification of concrete in monolithic structures

Building Materials

Questions of application of numerical modeling are considered at calculation temperature-strength conditions of concrete monolithic constructions, including in the environment of universal settlement package ELCUT. 

Processes of technological supply to heating and care of concrete belong to the main group of works for making cast-in-situ reinforced concrete structures in building conditions. They determine to a large extent their end-use properties and quality of building construction according to longevity and trustability criteria. Computer modeling possibility of these processes allows work out in high competitive and quality level complex of technological arrangements which can provide favorable conditions for concrete structures solidification according to the intensity required by building technology. 

But today one can find almost complete absence of tools – simple and available in all meanings which can allow automate thermotechnical calculations and select parameters of heating, and also difficult calculations of temperature and strength state of concrete in the construction modeling. In connection with this, engineering and introduction of special computer additions (small and simple enough) including based on universal calculated complexes in project practice is the topical goal. 

In the article the general situation in the technological projecting of heating and care of concrete and two examples of projects implemented by author are considered. Special attention is paid on modeling of concrete position using Method of Final Elements in universal package ELCUT.