Research and calculation of the vertical sediment tank with spiral-wound nozzle

Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

One of the important environmental problems in human settlements is the contamination of water bodies and terrain by pollutants arriving with sewage. The main reasons for this are the physical deterioration of treatment facilities and insufficient funding. Thus, it becomes impossible to maintain wastewater treatment facilities in operative condition and provide treatment of discharged wastewater to the standard quality. Therefore the task of intensifying the operation of facilities and plants for the water settling as well as reducing the areas occupied by this water acquires the particular importance.

The present work deals with the construction of a new vertical settling tank with spiral-wound nozzle. The design of this settling tank has a patent.

Compared to a conventional vertical settling tank, in the proposed settling tank with spiral-wound nozzle there are more favorable hydrodynamic conditions. At the same settling time these conditions allow improving of the lightening effect by increased staying of treated water in the spiral-wound nozzle.

The application of this vertical settling tank in the water and sewage treatment helps to reduce the facilities volume and improve the cleaning effect. Based on the theory of suspended particles sedimentation for this settling tank a mathematical model and calculation method were developed.