Control methods for strength of ceramic bricks in the inspection of buildings

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The paper brings up the problem of finding the most accurate, reliable and, at the same time, less time-consuming and relatively inexpensive method of determining strength of ceramic bricks. This task is particularly important in the context of the lack of standards governing the use of nondestructive testing methods for ceramic bricks, and the difficulties associated with sampling of ceramic brick masonry for standard tests. In the paper the possibility of determining the compressive strength of corpulent ceramic bricks by testing cylindrical samples taken from the body of masonry, is explored. The relation between standard samples tests results according to GOST standards № 8265-84 and testing of cylindrical samples is given. The experimental results for influence of the direction of kern selection (horizontally and vertically in reference to flat of brick) on the strength is presented. The possibility of application of nondestructive testing methods for measuring strength of ceramic bricks is considered. Also the paper includes the examples of field and laboratory experiments.