Composition and properties of ceramic heat insulating building materials made ofthe masses of low temperature foaming on the basis of clay raw material

Building Materials

Ceramic heat-insulating building materials are the most promising for modern construction. Longlived, bio-resistant and corrosion-resistant, nonhygroscopic and noncombustible, they have the greatest stability of heat engineering properties through time. The combination of these properties is especially important in construction in seismic areas. The article contains the study results of compositions and properties of ceramic heat-insulting building materials of masses on the basis of clay raw materials, received by power efficient technology of low-temperature foaming. The work was conducted for the purpose of obtaining a porous structure of sufficient durability at the stage of the mass foaming at a temperature of 20-30 and achieving necessary durability without porous goods deformation at the stage of firing. The optimal composition of the masses was obtained by experiment in the course of the studies, also the technology, ensuring the fulfillment of assigned task was developed. The properties of developed masses compositions and porous ceramics of them provide the manufacturing of heat-insulting building materials in the form of single-piece goods by one-time firing.