Fiber concrete containing composite binders and technogenic sands of Kursk magnetic anomaly for flexural structures

Building Materials

There are different methods for improving strength characteristics of concrete. One of them is fiber reinforcement of concrete with fibrils. This paper considers the application of steel fiber for the reinforcement of fine-grained concrete. The previous studies of this issue regarded mainly the cement and silica sand. In this project, the fine ground cement and the binder with low water demand were used as the main binder. The fiber-concrete mixture consisted mainly of the antropogenic sand of the Kursk magnetic anomaly, enriched with Tavolzhan sand. The studies have shown the evident advantage of a steel wave fiber in comparison to the anchor and flat milled fiber. The use of composite binders and high-density packing of the grains significantly increases the strength characteristics. With the rational selection of the filler, the steel-fiber concrete was procured on the antropogenic sand Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. Its compressive strength limit is 84.8 MPa and bending strength limit is 19.8 MPa for flexural structures.