Inductive analysis of the effect of error mounting on the stiffness and strength of a plane truss

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

For the trusses that are part of structures, the existing exact solutions does not contain an important variable parameter - number of panels or bars - and are written for a specific number that significantly reduces the value of them. Some well-known analytical solutions, which are valid for an arbitrary number of cores, usually greatly simplify the model of truss, roughly estimating the grid work, and are, in fact, approximate. With the advent of computer algebra systems we created the opportunity based on inductive method not only to find the exact solutions for any number of panels, but also to use them to evaluate more subtle phenomenon. In the article the impact of inaccurate mounting plane truss settlement through the maximum and minimum forces in the bars is estimated. We present an analytical solution under the assumption that the deviations of the provisions of the host truss are small. Several examples with the model farm scheme shows the potential of the analytical investigation of the stress state of the construction. The obtained solution depends parametrically on the number of panels and dimensions of truss. Inductive method with the support of computer mathematics Maple is used.