Dynamic monitoring of building structures on the example of the concert hall "Pushkinskiy" ramp in Moscow

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

In present time the free vibration method is not widely used in building survey practice. That is why the comparative database on initial dynamic object characteristics does not exist for the majority of buildings. So it is interesting to estimate the principal possibility of using dynamic parameters received earlier by other experts and by other methods. The article presents the results of dynamic tests of building structures of the ramp cinema-concert hall «Pushkin» in Moscow. Modes shapes are presented in the graphs for the relevant natural frequencies. The natural-vibration frequencies were compared with previously obtained values and analyzed. The results of the analysis are the basis for recommendations on the further operation of the building. The conclusion is made about a satisfactory technical condition of the examined structures. The study showed that it is possible to use in the monitoring dynamic parameters received earlier by other experts. However, the dynamic characteristics identification become difficult in this case.