Application of the film-forming material for increasing concrete articles firmness in cold continental climate

Building Materials

According to the practice of making concrete products, which steaming was realized in thermoshaping machines, concretes of such products are notable for their defective structure. An unevenness of the thermal field in the concrete when warming-up it by contact method causes migration of free moisture, as a result, there is a process of hydraulic and thermal conductivity on which the moisture transfer under the influence of the pressure gradient in hardening concrete superimposes. Recently study on the removal of this defect by covering with film-forming materials the products’ surfaces free at worming from the formwork. In this paper specimen K-9 of a water-soluble polymer representing waste products of nitrogen is considered. Results of natural experiments devoted to exploring the influence of film-forming agent on durability of cement concrete products with their subsequent operation under the impact of rigorous climate are shown. In the manufacturing of production in thermoshaping machines the most positive effect is in sharing of plasticizer and film-forming mechanism with the subsequent protection of concrete. Such concrete’s properties like hardness, crack resistance are improved by using this technology as well as the resistance to the impact of climate.