Improvement of shear strength design of a road structure. Part 2. Modified models to calculate the principal and shear stresses

Structural mechanics

The grounds for road pavements made of granular materials are widely used in the practice of road construction all over the world. Experimental studies of different loads have shown that an adequate stress calculation using the formulas of continuum mechanics is practically impossible. The paper presents the method of modifying stress analysis models, which allows using complementary solutions mechanics of granular medium and engineering methods to calculate the minimum dependencies principal stress 3. Using this method, the modification of a number of solutions has been carried out. The given article provides the modified models. These models allow the calculation of the principal stresses in the half-space and the layer of finite thickness in a section along the axis of symmetry of the load distributed on a circular platform. The comparison of the calculation results with the experimental data performed by the test execution of road construction moving load using a ring stand of the University of Canterbury has been presented.