The load-bearing capacity of hanging piles by the strength criterion of a pile or soil material

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The article describes various methods of assessment of load-bearing capacity (reliability) of a pile as a main element of pile foundation. It is shown that deterministic, probabilistic and possibilistic methods have a number of advantages and limitations. An actual task is to develop new approaches to assessment of foundations load-bearing capacity. The combined method providing the optimal assessment according to the given examples is developed in the article. Some features of the proposed methods are in the probability and possibility theories application to account uncertainty or incompleteness of initial data in quantifying the reliability of a pile. Presented in the article methods for a quantitative assessment of single piles reliability can be used for more complex computational models, including multielement pile foundations and more complex models of soil foundations. These methods have not been applied to piles reliability research so far and the article pre-sented is a pioneering one and has no analogues known to the authors.