Mechanical properties of nanocarbon modified cement

Building Materials

This article covers use of nanocarbon modified cement (nCMC) that was made with use of chemical vapor deposition method. The tests were performed with traditional destructive method as well as with the use of special ultrasonic equipment. The specimens with nCMC was tested for compressive and tensile strength. However, the results showed that use of nCMC made only minor effect on these characteristics, when results from other research groups indicate that nCMC improves cement’s properties greatly. Therefore, authors hypothesize that characteristics of nCMC modified paste matrix highly dependent on the geometrical characteristics of nanofiber such as length, type of structure (singlewalled, multi-walled) and chirality. This hypothesis is based on the ultrasonic tests' results. Furthermore, the positioning, distribution and the proportion in the material of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) needs to be researched more.