Results of technical inspection monitoring of the operation object

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The article proposes analysis tool of the engineering survey series results. Analysis is based on a study of the physical depreciation accumulation by capital construction objects and deterioration models presented in it for various classes of structural schemes. The main provisions and user activity sequence with a brief explanation of the possible obtained results were clarified through steps. The proposed tool will allow timely detection of factors that cause the accelerated dynamics of deterioration (exceeding the normative one), reduce the risk of an accident, increase the expenses of element/object servicing, and also accurately predict the future costs of repair and construction activities. One of the advantages of this tool is a low capital intensity in the prosses of implementing and further using of tool by the real estate company. However, in the long term, the effect of the application will be expressed in the timely detection of errors in the conduct of buildings and structures surveys. Its result will be minimizing the deviation of the estimated (planned) costs of repair and construction work from the actual.