Technical normalization of working processes in construction based on spatial-temporal modeling

Technology and organization of construction

Application of spatial-time modeling to the rate setting of operational sequence is a practical way to reduce the labor required for this work without losing any accuracy and authenticity of the results was analyzed. The methodology provided the analytical algorithm of rate calculation in MS Excel is synchronized with the visualization of operational sequence in Cinema 4D. The sequence of visualization of rate setting is considered with the example of a common operational sequence for mounting reinforced-concrete ceiling slabs of a five-storey brick apartment building. A peculiarity of the framework shows in the variable parameters of production activities. During the animation the calculated standards of working time were corrected in order to provide a safe working environment. The application of visual modeling and computational and analytical method for designing the flowsheets of operational sequence proved the given method to be effective and appropriate for extensive use in rate setting for various sequences in construction with the base of improves software, such as Synchro Pro, SOMOKS.СМR and a number of other tools for automated scheduling of construction operational sequence.