Transformable fire barriers in buildings and structures

Fire safety in construction

Fire curtains are used in case of fire to create a temporary barrier in open technological openings, openings of buildings and structures. The paper presents the results of tests for fire resistance of samples of fire curtains. The ability of intumescent formulations to effectively prevent the spread of heat has been studied. The article presents the results of testing various compositions of Intumescent fire retardant coating (IFRC) with the addition of latex for fire curtains based on silica fiber. The temperature of samples from the non-heated side did not exceed 260 °C (the temperature in the furnace of the test facility did not exceed 1200 °C). The temperature of the sample with the addition of TiO2 at the end of the test did not rise above 196 °C. The results obtained in the work are compared with similar tests of other researchers for the period 2012–2017 fire curtains based on silica fiber.