Bearing capacity of facade systems fixing to sandwich panels

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The article presents results of the experimental and theoretical research of bearing capacity determination for fixings, used for bearing and supporting brackets in facade systems with the base from sandwich panel. The experiment included the consideration of several types of brackets fixing: using self-tapping screws and threaded rods, taking into account the variation in the thickness of the bearing steel plates. The required values of the research were critical longitudinal force for the pull-out from the base, deformations of the base, which lead to the disruption of sandwich-panel structural integrity. In addition, full-sized samples of the bearing bracket (the most loaded element of the facade system), installed on sandwich panel, were tested for the longitudinal (wind) and shearing (self-weight of cladding and system) load with different types of fixing. As a result, the article gives recommendations for the joints design of facade system brackets fixing to the base from sandwich panel, developed on the results of tests and theoretical studies.