Seismic stability of a tsunami-resistant residential buildings

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

We have analyzed data on the mechanism of tsunami waves formation and destruction caused by thereby, and also have summarized recommendations on tsunami-resistant construction. For reduction of damage and loss from strong earthquakes and high tsunami waves, hereon the solution for tsunami protection of the construction area is proposed in which small typical residential buildings are located in the upper part of the motor road trestle. At such solution, residential buildings are “torn off” from the earth surface on considerable height, and, as result, are not exposed to tsunami wave impact. By using the computerized complex SCAD 21.1, four options of the proposed tsunami-protection solutions have been analyzed. In the course of such analysis, the optimal option – from the point of view of seismic stability – has been selected. For this option, we have checked sections of elements for arising forces, and also made necessary corrections in structures. Final proposed option of the structure provides high seismic and tsunami safety.