Engineering solutions for the social housing, integrated into urban environment

Architecture and Urban planning

Deprived areas integrated into actively developing environment of the modern cities is a burning issue which is being studied in megalopolises of Latin America, Africa and Asia. Diverse controversial issues emerge in the interaction between the city community and inhabitants of the favela. The article deals with the solution for this issue based on the example of interaction between Brazilian favela “Sao Remo” and the University campus of Sao Paulo. Nowadays, this University conducts constant social research to find a suitable integration between both sides of the wall. One of this initiatives was raised in the symposium WC2-2017 which purpose was to elaborate the solution for a social infrastructure to be designed to improve links. Moreover, this infrastructure is sustainable in order to mitigate social, environmental and economic impacts. After an analysis of diverse design strategies, the outcomes were obtained in regard to some technical alternatives which implementation depends on stakeholders’ wiliness to collaborate and understanding to what extent they are ready for compromise.