Thermal protection of low-rise buildings from light steel thin-walled structures

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

Thermal protection providing of frame buildings in the extreme conditions of the Far North depends on air infiltration. Elements of buildings frame on light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS below) technology – lightweight, thin-walled steel profiles make up multiple thermal bridges. The basic principles of designing the exterior walling of low-rise buildings from LSTS in the Far North are developed with taking into account the increased air infiltration and the heat transfer components and assemblies. The construction with double insulation layer and the intermediate airtight barrier of particleboard, the indicative panels (OSB below) are proposed as the exterior walls. The concrete ground slab and thermofiller using of lightweight concrete blocks are recommended in buildings with pile foundation. The two-stage disposition of blocks between the steel frame elements and the basement ceiling allow to overlap joints of thermal insulation materials with other structural elements which reduces the impact of air infiltration. The specific heat loss values for a multilayer wall construction and assembly of its coupling with a ground overlap, depending on various parameters are obtained with the calculating program application of threedimensional temperature fields.