Residual resource of a one-storey steel frame industrial building constructed with bridge cranes

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

The scheme of an integrated approach to the study of changes in the stress-strain state of the frame one-story industrial building constructed with bridge cranes, caused by accumulation of damage caused during the operation. The algorithm has been developed for estimating and predicting the residual resource of a production facility on the basis of processing the results of a series of surveys. It allows to obtain the values of reliability indicators in the correlation approximation using probabilistic models of disturbing influences. This approach is based on the assessment of the reserve strength of the framework structures, determined by the difference between their bearing capacity and the largest value of the generalized load. The article demonstrates the numerical implementation of the algorithm on the example of calculating the building of the shipbuilding shop of a marine shipbuilding plant. Consistent solution positive, negative and predictive tasks enabled by analyzing the dynamics of natural frequencies building frame under the action of the aggregate load estimate time reaches the maximum allowable state. The results allow to regulate the timing and direction of the actions of the repair work at lower 4...8 times the intensity of the survey.