The geometric shape effect of steel slit dampers in their behavior

Building Materials

There are considered the issues of structural modification of heavy concrete with oligomer-polymer additives. It has been established that crystallization of the cement stone proceeds at macro- and micro-levels. Macro-pores are filled with products of crystallization of cement particles grafted on the surface of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) macromolecules. The migration of PVC macromolecules and oligomers of the waste of coke-chemical production (WCP) into defective zones is due to the occurrence of internal stresses during hardening and volumetric compression which causes the closure of macro- and micro-pores, as well as cracks and capillaries. Thus, for the complex of physical and mechanical properties, resistance to sulfate corrosion and frost resistance the studied concrete based on structurally modified concrete can be used for producing pile foundations arranged in conditions of highly saline soils. The presented results of experimental studies indicate sufficient corrosion resistance of the concrete under study.