The effect of perforations on the deformability of welded beam with corrugated webs

Structural mechanics

Perforating steel beams is inevitable in some cases such as setting the technical equipment, though it decreases the carrying capacity of the element. The lack of information about the nature of the work, the values of critical stresses, the stability of the corrugated webs of the beams weakened by the perforations necessitated relevant studies for which the perforations of different diameters and with various ways of reinforcement were formed in the webs of the beams. Hence, this research focuses on the behavioral condition of welded beams with corrugated triangular webs weakened by different sized perforations at different locations. The impacts of these perforations on the transverse load-carrying capacity of the element and the suitable ways for stiffening them were investigated. An analysis is made of the influence of the edging thickness, paired vertical stiffeners at different widths of the ring stiffener on behavior of models of beams with a corrugated web with perforations. The influence of the bending of the lip around the exterior circumferential edge of the stiffener ring on the bearing capacity of beams with a corrugated web weakened by perforations was analyzed. The most effective location of the perforations along the web height has been determined.