Polystyrene paint with reduced contents of volatile compounds

Building Materials

The proposed organomineral additives are novel, eco- friendly components for polystyrene paints. A light brown-red loam was used as a filler for polystyrene paints. Rheological, technological and physico-mechanical properties of paints and coatings based on them were studied by a series of standard tests. Characteristics of frost and water resistance, hiding power and holding capacity of polystyrene paint confirmed the creation of durable paints with high performance properties. Comprehensive studies have shown that the addition of organic additives in the composition of polystyrene paint increases the critical volume concentration of pigment 1.2 times, increases the degree of grinding paint, reduces dispersion time (2 times) and reduces the speed of shelter from 160 to 112 g / m2. Analysis of the results of experiments showed that the addition of organic additives contributes to increased resistance to external influences, as well as the strength of adhesion to the substrate by 22 %. Using the obtained results will allow you to create polystyrene paints with a low content of volatile compounds and increased crack resistance.