Stone mastic asphalt modified with stabilizing additives of multifunctional action

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

The paper presents the results of studies of the physicomechanical properties of stone mastic asphalt (SMA) with the use of stabilizing additives of multifunctional action aimed at increasing the strength characteristics of SMA, resistance to plastic deformations, increase in shear stability of asphalt concrete, as well as reduction of the negative impact of technological temperatures on oil bitumen contributing to its oxidation and premature aging in the production of asphalt mixes. The structure of bitumen modified with composite thermoplastic elastomer was studied by nuclear magnetic resonance. For experimental verification of the effectiveness of additives in the composition of SMA, standard methods used for all types of asphalt concrete were applied and the following indicators of physical and mechanical properties were studied: compressive strength, water saturation, shear resistance, abrasion, resistance to plastic deformation. The results of studies of physical and mechanical properties of SMA grades 10 and 15 containing additives of the Viatop Plus CT40 and Viatop Plus FEP series showed that the values of compressive strength at 20 and 50 °C exceed similar indicators of properties of SMAs with the use of a stabilizing additive Viatop 66 considered as control compositions.