Reconstruction of St. Petersburg roofs based on light steel thin-walled structures and de-icing system

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Insecurity of applied coatings and low service lives of St. Petersburg roofs generate the development of new technological solutions. Necessity of roof protection from the ice dams is a special factor in selecting technological solutions of the roof structure.

The aim is selection of an optimal design solution for the roof and the device against the ice based on the parameters of efficiency and effectiveness. After completion of research as a design of the roof system was chosen light steel thin-walled structures (LSTC). As the device against the ice is proposed a constructive adaptation of drainage, which includes the transfer of the gutter from the roof edge closer to Snow barriers. Herewith downspouts must finish in the system and urban runoff.

Efficiency of this method is confirmed by mathematical calculations and trial operation of such existing systems in the Nordic countries. The combination of the device against the ice with modern technology LSTC solve the problem of icicles, and generally can guarantee continuous and reliable operation of the roof.