Building Information Model (BIM)

Technology and organization of construction

One of the most interesting topics in the field of automated design is a concept known as the "building information model." Since the beginning of the computer-aided design application it became possible to draw in three dimensional space, using real models of objects that contain the complete technical information, which is necessary for the whole system calculation and the unique identification of objects. This allows us to solve problems related to control the changes in the drawings.

But during the life cycle of a building information can be changed, supplemented, and to unite. To realize this idea it is necessary to create unified standard for storing and sharing such information, which is independent from specific software and contains all the necessary and sufficient information to ensure the building's life cycle. The aim of BIM is the creation of a unified base for the such standard.

In this paper details the functions and tasks of BIM, and shows the existing alternative standards, which realize the BIM at the moment.